Prestigious Book Award

by David B. Capes Recently two friends and colleagues of mine, Dr. Craig Keener (Asbury Seminary) and Dr. John Walton (Wheaton College) were recognized for their work with the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible.  Craig worked on the comments and sidebars for... Continue Reading →


What were the last words of Jesus?

by David B. Capes Recently, my rabbi friend, Stuart Federow, and I got into a disagreement.  Well, actually, I didn’t argue with him; I just listened to him in his rant against the Christian faith.  As Father Mario said, he... Continue Reading →

What Is a Story?

by David B. Capes “A story is a way to say something which can’t be said any other way, and it takes every word in the story to say it.”  –Flannery O’Connor I was inspired recently by a statement Flannery O’Connor... Continue Reading →

Retrieving History

by David B. Capes Adjunct Professor, Stefana Dan Laing, has recently published her book, Retrieving History: Memory and Identity Formation in the Early Church (Baker Academic, 2017).  Laing is the assistant librarian at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Houston, TX) and... Continue Reading →

F. F. Bruce & W. E. Vine

Most pastors I know, and a few laypeople, have a particular book in their library.  It is typically referred to as “Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words.”  It was originally published in four volumes but is available now in... Continue Reading →

Turabian 8.0

"Turabian" is short-hand for a style guide authored initially by Kate Turabian and published by the University of Chicago Press.  It represents the writing standard of most colleges and seminaries in matters of theology or biblical studies.  The published style... Continue Reading →


by David B. Capes Almost everyone these days shows up to class with a computer.  I'm not sure exactly what people do on them because I only see the back side.  They could be checking their email or posting on... Continue Reading →


By Dr. Jerry Terrill “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalms 46: 10a) The theologian and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard writes in his journal about an experience on the coast of Gilbjerg: “It has always been one of my... Continue Reading →

Set Up Your Mentee for Success

Mentoring is a partnership process that necessitates engagement from both parties. Both the mentor and the mentee have roles to play when setting the mentee up for success. Therefore, a mentor’s leadership style should consider success as integral to a... Continue Reading →

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