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The Grand Adventure

I am a pretty good cook. I loved making Christmas dinner for my family in my newly remodeled kitchen a few weeks ago. The turkey and ham were moist and everything tasted good. But my son is a chef. His... Continue Reading →


Practicing Hospitality

by Dr. James H. Furr, President I grew up in a rural community surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins. Folks from our small church constituted a second extended family. Consequently, countless chickens and other domestic animals gave their lives for... Continue Reading →

The Divinity of Jesus

By Doug Kennard If you have wondered what the writers of the Bible and other related sources have to say about the divinity of Jesus, this week’s blog provides a helpful snapshot. Check out the footnotes below for further study.... Continue Reading →

Historical Jesus Parabolic Ministry

by Doug Kennard, PhD   John Meier (A Marginal Jew, vol. 5) shocked the world of historical Jesus scholars restricting Jesus’s historical parables to four (Mustard Seed, Dinner Party, Talents, and Leased Vineyard). Usually skeptics in the Jesus seminar (e.g.,... Continue Reading →

Journey into Context

by John Frey, DMin On a cold, dark, night, Jesus tried to coax his closest followers to stay awake after eating a four-hour Passover meal, including the requisite glasses of wine. The black of night enveloping the garden was soon... Continue Reading →

Speaking Up for Creation

One reason for the lack of faith engagement is that many of the institutions that train faith leaders do not offer educational opportunities on creation care from a theological or practical ministry perspective.

Paul: Surprises Along the Way

by David B. Capes A few weeks ago Mark Lanier invited me to speak to his Sunday School class at Champions Forest Baptist Church.  Mark teaches a class weekly of about 700 people, and I have been privileged to speak... Continue Reading →

Thomas Merton’s Prayer Is Worth Praying

by David B. Capes Thomas Merton may be one of the best known Christian mystics of the 20th century.  He was a Trappist monk who experienced life in period few of us know or remember.  He was born in 1915... Continue Reading →

International Orality Network

One of the most significant movements now in missions and missiology is the orality movement. Orality is the recognition that not all people can read or prefer to read, most of us learn by what we hear.  How often have... Continue Reading →

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