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If only . .

by Dr. Chuck Pitts, Adjunct Professor in Old Testament, Houston Graduate School of Theology; Social Studies Teacher, Sam Houston High School I remember a song that we sang back in the 1970s. It went like this: We are one in... Continue Reading →


Go and Make Community

by Dr. Becky Towne, Academic Dean and Professor of Christian Spirituality A few years ago, my husband and I would regularly load up our bicycles and drive to a winding trail by a creek to exercise, talk, and unwind while... Continue Reading →

Being With

by James H. Furr, PhD, President, Houston Graduate School of Theology In the family and church in which I was reared, care for hurting people was a common practice.  Wide-ranging expressions included funds from the church benevolence fund, personal gifts... Continue Reading →

The Beatitudes–a Paraphrase

by Ken Shuman, DMin, HGST Assistant Professor of Pastoral Leadership Over the last several months I’ve been reflecting on the beatitudes of Jesus. The more I reflect, the more I find them to be challenging and life altering. The teachings... Continue Reading →

The Influence of Jan Hus on Martin Luther

by Dr. Jerry L. Terrill Jan (John) Hus was a major influence through his writings on the life and work of Martin Luther. Jan Hus was a university rector, theologian, and pastor/preacher of Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. As a priest,... Continue Reading →

The Last Supper—a New Covenant Passover

by Dr. Doug Kennard, Professor of Christian Scriptures, Houston Graduate School of Theology Jesus begins His ministry at His baptism around 28 AD.[1] His ministry is at least two years long on the basis of the mention of a Passover... Continue Reading →

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

by Dr. Ria Baker “This should not be happening to me.” That thought has crossed my mind many times these last weeks after fracturing my kneecap in December. Recovery has been slow, difficult, and not fun. In her book, Everybody’s... Continue Reading →


by Dr. John Franke The word “Epiphany” comes from Greek and in that context means “manifestation.” The Christian season of Epiphany celebrates the manifestation of God in Jesus Christ to the world during the visit of the Magi to the... Continue Reading →

The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart

By Dr. Jerry Terrill The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart was written by John Amos Comenius (1592–1670) in 1623 with several revisions over his lifetime. It is still the most widely read book from medieval... Continue Reading →

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